Dear potential clients,

Welcome to Samkang Chemical Co., Ltd.

We at Samkang Chemical Co., Ltd. promise to be a reliable partner for our customers all the time.

Since its establishment in 1976 with the purpose to develop construction culture and realize the best quality, Samkang Chemical has led the advancement of new technologies by developing various chemical materials for construction work including form remover, coat curing agent, rust remover for reinforcing bar, reinforcement protection agent, form separation agent and rust-proofing agent. We have also made our efforts to improve our quality through consistent R&D activities with the vision to be a value creating company using the technology and know-how accumulated for a long period of manufacturing experience and as a result continued our growth every year.

Furthermore, we will prepare ourselves for an ear of endless competition with the sense of duty and goal of customer satisfaction with quality products. We thank those who have been with Samkang Chemical and promise once again that we will continue to be a company that satisfies our customers with the best quality and reliability.

Thank you for your kind attention.