[18 Can]

[200 Drum]
This product received the first patent of its kind in Korea.
It is refined water soluble mineral oil in red ocher containing natural materials.
It can be used as oil-based one normally as it is and can be used as water-based one once mixed with water.
It can be used for both slab and wall work.
Form release is easy and clean surface can be obtained.
Use of harmful materials is minimized and it is superior for work efficiency.
It is easy to maintain and repair the form.
It is convenient to keep and hand carry in case of can product.
Aluminum Form
Steel form
Gang Form

After clean the forms, spread the undiluted solution with brush or roller evenly.

Contact us when sprayer is used or diluted with water.
It can be cleaned with water after spreaded.
152 / 1
18/Can, 200 / Drum