Befor Operation
After Operation
This eliminates the oxides that are left on the surface of the metal and creates a passivation film.
It is functional rust remover which improves the adhesiveness of the protection coating by coating or treatment with anticorrosive after the removal of the rust.
Elimination of the rust on reinforcing bars and steel pipes and short-term rust prevention
It has an excellent stability with water soluble property.
It changes the surface of metal into passivation film to increase durability.
Cold and hot welding is possible.
It minimizes the damage of the surface of the main body while eliminating rusts.
The anticorrosive effect after the elimination of the rust continues for short-term.
Exposed steel facilities such as reinforcing bars, steel pipes and various pipes.
It eliminates inorganic materials from aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and lead.
It eliminates foreign materials like oil and oil content.
It is used after eliminating the rust with brush if the rust is thick.
Undiluted solution is used.
The time of response is 2~3 hours, and it takes about 24 hours until it dries up completely.
Wet surface must be dried up before the operation and if water is touched after coating it needs to be done again.
5 / 1 (when sprayer is used)
20 / pail